Dr. Daniel Kühnle


Dr. Daniel Kühnle

Room: 4.117

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Email: Daniel.Kuehnle@fau.de

Office Hours: Thursday 10:30 - 11:30 and by appointment

Webpage: Private webpage.

Daniel is a Research Fellow at the chair of Prof. Regina T. Riphahn. Daniel completed his PhD in November 2014. Before attaining his PhD, he worked as a Research Officer at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research in Australia from February 2009 to August 2011. Daniel received a joint honours degree in Politics and Economics (European) from the University of Leeds in 2007, for which he studied two semesters at the University of Lund (Sweden), and holds a Master's degree in Development Economics and Policy from Manchester University obtained in 2008.

Daniel is also a Research Affiliate at IZA and LASER.

Research Interests

Applied microeconometrics in health and labour economics, early child development, family economics, and policy evaluations.


Journal articles:

7) Kalb, G., Kuehnle, D., Scott, T., Cheng, T., Jeon, S. (201x). What factors affect doctors’ work decisions: Comparing structural discrete choice and reduced-form approaches. Health Economics. [LINK]

6) Cygan-Rehm K, Kuehnle D, Oberfichtner M . (2017). Bounding the causal effect of unemployment on mental health: Nonparametric evidence from four countries. Health Economics. 0:1-18. [LINK]
5) Broadway, B., Kalb, G., Kuehnle, D. Maeder, M. (2017). Paid parental leave and child health in Australia. Economic Record. 93(301): 214-237. [LINK]
4) Kuehnle, D. and Wunder, C. (2017). The effects of smoking bans on self-assessed health: Evidence from Germany. Health Economics, 26(3): 321-337. [LINK]
3) Kuehnle, D. and Wunder, C. (2016). Using the life satisfaction approach to value daylight savings time transitions. Evidence from Britain and Germany, Journal of Happiness Studies, 17(6): 2293-2323. [LINK]
2) Schurer, S., Kuehnle, D., Scott, A., Cheng, T. (2016). A man's blessing or a woman's curse? The Family-earnings gap of doctors. Industrial Relations, 55(3):385-414. [LINK]
1) Kuehnle, D. (2014). The Causal Effect of Family Income on Child Health in the UK. Journal of Health Economics, 36: 137-150. [LINK]

Current discussion papers:

Kuehnle D., Oberfichtner, M. (2017). Does early child care attendance influence children's cognitive and non-cognitive skill development? IZA Discussion Paper 10661. (under review) [pdf]
Huebener M., Kuehnle D., Spiess K. (2017). Paid Parental Leave and Child Development: Evidence from the 2007 German Parental Benefi t Reform and Administrative Data. DIW Discussion Paper Series, Number 1651.  (under review)  [pdf]
Cygan-Rehm K., Kuehnle, D., Riphahn, R. (2017). Love your leave, don't leave your love! Paid parental leave and children's living arrangements. CESifo Working Paper Series No. 6319. (under review) [pdf]